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We believe product, organization & customer profitability is critical to the professional management of the business.

Increase Revenue

How can you increase revenue and net income?

Leading financial service companies are increasing revenues and also are increasing the amount of net income achieved from all revenues. Insights into local market profitability by product, relationship profitability by product, capacity utilization by channel and the impact of customer behavior on net income are leading to dynamic new strategies and tactics that result in increased revenues and increased net income from those revenues.
None of this is unproven theory. We can show you real operating results from companies just like yours that have succeeded in creating an approach to the professional management of the business that results in sustained profitability and growth.

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Deposits Key
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Are deposits the key to profitability?

Understanding branch profitability is critical to the professional management of your retail banking network. We can show you real P&Ls from two branches from the same bank where each have $30,000,000 in deposits and $8,000,000 in loans. One branch generates $137,000 in net income and the other loses $59,000. Unless you're analyzing branch profitability by product you could never decipher the reason. Let us show you real operating results from companies like yours that have dramatically changed the way those companies measure and manage retail banking.

Comm'l Banking

Are your commercial banking relationships profitable?

So much is written about how a small percentage of retail customers generate all of the profit. What about commercial banking? We can show multiple examples of banks where 20% of the commercial customers are generating 128% of the net income. The other 80% are breaking even or losing money! These are banks that have strong account analysis systems and a focused force of relationship managers. What happened? Every commercial customer should be profitable. We can show you how to identify the underlying reasons for this and how fixing it resulted in a significant increase in net income.

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Products Priced
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Are your products priced properly?

Pricing products includes the entire design of the offering. We have real P&Ls from a mid-size bank that show their Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) product as very profitable, while their Home Equity Loan (HELO) product was losing money. Unfortunately they were proactively selling the HELO and not the HELOC. Let us show you the reasons and how that bank took their HELOs from red to black.

Local Markets

Have you chosen your local markets wisely?

Most retail bankers covet local markets with affluent customers. We can show a bank that identified the perfect local market and opened a branch there. A branch that was losing money! We can show you the P&L and why the market was the right market, why the branch was losing money and how they turned it into the profitable branch it should have been.

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