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We believe product, organization & customer profitability is critical to the professional management of the business.


How can you increase revenue and net income?

Leading financial services companies are increasing revenues and also increasing the amount of net income achieved from all revenues.

Talk to us. We have the answers you need.

Are deposits the key to profitability?

Understanding branch profitability is critical to the professional management of your retail banking network.

Are your commercial banking relationships profitable?

So much is written about how a small percentage of retail customers generate all of the porfit. What about commercial banking?

Are your products priced properly?

Pricing products includes the entire design of the offering. Let us show you how a bank took their HELOs from red to black

Have you chosen your local markets wisely?

Most retail bankers covet local markets with affluent customers. We can show a bank that identified the perfect local market and opened a branch there that was losing money! 


GJ Nolan & Co. is a management consulting firm that was founded to meet the need for enhanced profitability in the international financial services community. We are dedicated to maintaining a leadership position on the principles of measuring and managing for long term growth and profitability. We have assisted leading financial services companies for over 30 years and have pioneered many of the leading methodologies and practices used in the industry today. Our founder, Greg Nolan, is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on profitability measurement and management.

Our business model is knowledge transfer.  We don’t have a horde of junior consultants that are only put on projects to pad hours and add limited value. We only have senior, experienced consultants who train and lead your employees.  In that way, your team does the work and gains the knowledge and experience to maintain the information going forward.  This results in lower fees and better return on investment for your bank.


We welcome your questions and comments about GJ Nolan & Co.

To learn more about our service offerings and industry experience, or to have a representative contact you directly, contact us.


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Telephone:  610.687.7785

175 Strafford Avenue
Suite One
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087

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